Hi y'all and welcome to my blog!

My name is Mary and I'm 25 years old. I live in Seattle since September 2016 and work here as an au pair.

Originally I'm from Austria where I have to go back in July 2018. I'm not ready for that to be honest, but we will see what my path is going to be.

Will I come back to the US? Stay in Austria or will I move to a different country?

I'm just trying to grow up and find my way in life.

Are you in the same situation? Can you somehow recognize yourself while reading this?

Guess we all have the same issues while trying to be an adult. My journey will continue on this blog and also on Instagram (daily!)

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Here is a picture of me and my cute hostkids.


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This is my agency, Ayusa- Intrax and I can recommend it 100%

Being an au pair in the United States


This is my favourite part because the United States are so amazing and there is so much to do and explore!

Anyways, did you ever think about becoming an au pair? Oh what a great thought, keep reading and find out if you are ready for an adventure ;)


Being an au pair is a great thing! You will move to a different country, get to know the culture, learn a different language or improve a language and best of all: make friends for life! or even find a second family in a different part of the world! Not to forget about your very own and unique experiences you will make. Doesn't this sound great already?


Being an au pair makes you a lot stronger, more independent and sometimes it also helps if you have difficulties about what you wanna do later in your life.

That's why I'm gonna write down how you can become an au pair in some different countries!

There are a ton of au pair agencies and yes, if you wanna be an au pair in the US legally you have to sign up with an agency. A few examples would be aupaircare, cultural care or au pair in america.

I went to the US with aupaircare and can fully recommend the agency. I had the best 2 years ever!


So this would be the first step: Find the right agency!

You can sign up for multiple agencys and you only have to pay when you finalize your match with a host family.

With some agencys the application can take pretty long. With aupaircare it took me around 2 weeks until everything was done which is pretty quick! Also it's easy since almost everything can be uploaded online instead of filling out a ton of paper work.


The agency will help you with all the steps that are next to fulfill your application. You will need to go to the doctor, fill out your profile, get your references.


Also make sure you are 18 -26 years old if you wanna be an au pair in the US and you need your drivers license.

US familys love experienced drivers!


You will get a ton of family requests and from all of these you can choose the family (or they choose you) that you think fits the best!


And once this is done you will apply for your visa, pack your things and here you go starting your adventure!

It's easy, trust me.


 Fill out your application with just one click :)


Becoming an au pair in European Countries

For european countries mostly everyone tries to find a family on aupairworld.

First of all, make sure if you need a visa for the country you wanna go and if so, read the instructions of the country's official visa websites/embassy websites to request one.


If not it's pretty easy. You upload your profile (write about your experiences, upload a picture or more) and choose where you wanna go!

The family will contact you but you can also contact them. Very important: skype with them and NEVER sign any contract or pay any money! There are also many scams on the internet so be cautious!

If the family likes you and you also feel like it could be a good fit, then congratulations! Your journey can start.

Don't forget to ask them whatever you would like to know! You will live with them and it's very important to feel comfortable. Don't choose the area you wanna live in, go for the family! Because you will spend the most of your time with them and it's so important to get along well and it will make your experience so much better and easier no matter where you will be!

Be open for any state, maybe it will be your second home soon and you will love it ;)